Therapy and professional support

If you self-refer or are referred to our Family Support Team, you or your children may be offered access to therapy or emotional support sessions. We work with a team of adult, child and adolescent therapists who can meet with you at our centre at a time that works for you. Our child therapists and art therapists work at our centre or can work with your child in their school if local – our aim is to find the most appropriate setting for you.

Contact centre

The JFC is accredited with the National Association of Child Contact Centres, as a safe space where children of separated families can meet and spend time with the parent with whom they don’t live.

Supervised contact

In some cases, contact has been court-mandated as supervised, which means that our supervisor will be in constant sight and sound of the child or young person.  Staff are always at hand to provide support and safety if needed.

Supported contact

Alternatively, where appropriate we can also offer supported contact services. Staff are available for any assistance, but families are encouraged to develop mutual trust in the best interests of the children. 


Where parents prefer not to meet during handover, our specialist team of contact supervisors can step in, with children being dropped off at the centre by one parent, and the other parent then collecting them and taking them out for the duration of the visit. 

Additional contact services

  • Supervised Contact Assessment
  • Escorted Contact
  • Supported and supervised virtual contact services

To be in touch about contact, please be in touch with Natascha Lieberman – Contact Coordinator.

Click to email or call 07564 576076 (direct number)

Advocacy and liaison

Our advocacy work forms an important part of what we do. Thanks to our far-reaching experience and expertise, we have developed trusted relationships and work in conjunction with all the relevant organisations, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our families. This includes supporting families by liaising with the Local Authority, schools and the Beth Din (Rabbinic courts) where appropriate and assisting those who need assistance in dealing with social services, the police or other government departments.  

As with all our work, confidentiality is key, and we work to discreetly provide the support that is needed.

Services include:

  • Legal advocacy
  • Liaison with the Beth Din and Rabbinate
  • Liaison with schools and educational providers
  • Social services and police advocacy

Advice & signposting

The JFC is closely connected with a broad network of social welfare organisations, both those within the community and mainstream service organisations. We work in partnership with them, and where appropriate, can signpost families under our care to receive additional support.

Benefits clinic

One of the ways in which we can assist families is by ensuring they have access to all the government financial support to which they are entitled. Clients can book a one-to-one confidential appointment with our benefits advisor, to find out about and receive assistance in applying for benefits that fit their specific needs.

“If you want quality help – go to the Jewish Family Centre. They totally understand the needs of this community”

Independent Reviewing Officer, Barnet, May 2022