Domestic abuse can happen to anybody regardless of social group, race, culture, sexuality or ability. It can happen to staff or users of a children’s centre, female or male and occurs within all types of relationships. Domestic abuse is always unacceptable and requires a multi-agency approach in supporting those affected. 

If you talk to a member of staff and tell them that you have experienced domestic abuse, they will react according to the following guidelines: 

  • Priority will be given to ensuring your immediate safety and any children involved. 
  • Staff will recognise your need for a positive response and offer support. 
  • Staff will take you seriously and believe you. 
  • Staff will reassure you that the violence is not your fault. 
  • Staff will let you know that you are not alone in being abused. 
  • Staff will be sensitive to and discuss your fears. 
  • Staff will appreciate that your options may be limited by lack of resources or access to resources. 
  • Staff will check if it is alright to send letters or to phone you at home and recognise that confidentiality is crucial. 
  • Staff will respect your wishes if you do not want to be contacted at all. 
  • Staff will give you information and phone numbers to take away with you. 
  • Staff will discuss the situation and options open to you and find out what other agencies have to offer and let you know. 
  • Staff may help you explore ways of maximising your safety whether you leave or not. 
  • Staff may need to report what you have told them depending on the circumstances, but they will always discuss this with you. 

The victim in domestic abuse is usually female, however, the above procedures would apply to both women and men.

Reviewed and updated every 12 months

May 2024